Trip to Durham

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My trip to Durham started at about 7AM. A rather early start I think anyway.  The train departed at about 9AM, and when we arrived at Newcastle train station we were delayed by about an hour. It was the craziest reason, there was a body found on the lines ahhhhh SCARY.

Of course, i suggested it had to be MURDER and that we were next...Dun...Dun...Dun...sadly that idea didn't catch on and once they had finished scraping him up we were on our way. I had a twirl and a packet of quavers on the train...yummy. When we arrived in Durham, there was a little walk into the city center.


We looked in loads of little vintage shops my favorite one had to have been ding dong vintage, they had adorable suitcases outside and I really wanted all of them but sadly they were rather expensive and the tiny cream one at the top which i really would have liked to put perfumes in when i travel was about £60, and I could not condone spending that much on such a lovely yet unnecessary little item.  Inside it smelt just like my grandma's house, old people really, but in a nice nostalgic sort of a way. They had beautiful wedding dresses, they were knee length with a few underskirts, it was covered in handmade lace and was from around 1966-1968, the lady wasn't 100% sure. 
                                          ;           i 

I had a fabulous time in Durham and would recommend it to anyone who was to ask me. I went to the cathedral but sadly you weren't allowed to take photos. It was beautiful though and I was amazed at how it was built with only chisels and things (I don't know other tools that would have been used as I am not an architect).

Thank you and talk to you a little later on.


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