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So I got back from the first day at school today, and I've been up since 6AM, so I was exhausted.  I ran  bath and put in a bubble bar that my friend gave me as part of a gift box for my birthday. I believe it was the Blooming Beautiful one from lush, I really enjoyed using it, the only problem i find with most if not all lush products is they are far too big for one bath. And you have to half if not quarter them, personally I fond this a little bit of a hassle and don't want to be creating a mess cutting up bath products when I just want to relax.

However both bubble bars were lovely and i have already used up the pop in the bath bubble bar.  Not only does this bar have a cheery little flower on top but contains an uplifting, mandarin and bergamot oils as well as orange flower fragrance. It was lovely, and i really enjoyed using it, personally i found that a quarter was more than enough and as you can see my bath is rather deep, but I suppose its all just personal preference.  
The bubble bar featured in the photos is called think pink. Personally I love the name of this one and the colors are beautiful.  I have not used this before, so I can't tell you if I am in favor of it or not. I do however, love the smell of vanilla and as it is featured in the think pink bubble bar i'm sure it will be just lovely.

Any way talk to you later, and thank you for reading <3


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