20 things in my room

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I found 20 random things in my room and took a photo they are totally unrelated. (Oh and I have already eaten the hula hoops.)

1.Hula Hoops

2. Owl teddy that heats up and smells of lavender - From BHS about £10 I think

3. My pencil case, I put some pearls on but you can't really see - WHSmiths around £4

4. Owl bedding, If you couldn't already tell, I LOVE OWLS - BHS around £20 I think 

5.My hamster, shes called Sherlock, as I have a rather unhealthy obsession with Sherlock Holmes, the detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle  

6. My two pairs of sunglasses, although I'll count them as one. The pink ones are from River Island

7. Hand sanitizer, I use it went im out and about and when I put my contacts in and out. Home bargains about £1-£1.50

8. Boots disposable camera - bought encase i run out of batteries for my Nikon and I need to take a photo - £6 Boots 

9. The three pairs of shoes I wear the most - red toms, Oxfords from clarks (school shoes), and River Island flat forms

10. My chair - I believe it was my grandad's, and he gave it my my mum, who gave it to me 

11. Fat face slippers - I got them for Christmas - £36  

12. Monkey memory stick - I won it at a youth enterprise weekend.

13. My Ipod - Case was signed by Boyce Avenue, I saw them an O2 academy in Newcastle in March

14. Sistema lunch cube - IT'S PINK 

15. My keys, with a teddy and dick Turpin from the York Dungeons 

16. The Luxe book collection by Anna Godbersen - My god these are amazing books i'm currently re-reading them all and loving it - RECOMMENDED 

17. Piggy Earphones - Accessorize £12  

18. The two perfumes I am currently using - Daisy by Mark Jacobs and Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier 

19. The "obey" cap I made at school this one time 

20. My glasses - there by GANT  - I don't wear them too often as I have contacts, just at night or if I not getting dressed 


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